About Madretierra® Menstrual Therapy
Do you want to be a menstrual therapist?
Do you want to accompany women in healing?
Do you want to lead women's circles?

you felt it and ...

Menstrual Therapy summoned you!
You wanted her, but she didn't come to your country ...
You dreamed of being a menstrual therapist prepared to accompany others on the road to cycling, but times did not give you for the intensive!

or maybe....

You learned about menstrual therapy from a friend, and you knew this was for you! But you could not coincide with the formation of the year in your country!
You read about menstrual therapy in a magazine and it resonated with you, but your work does not allow you to take the intensive ...
Your circle sisters talk about menstrual therapy and you want to know what it is all about! But you're a puerperal mom and you still need more time at home

What is training about?

It is an intensive training for women who wish to work with the Menstrual Therapy Method.

Be guides of other women to regain knowledge of the hormonal cycle, regain menstrual health and sexual health. Consciously plan a pregnancy or stop contraception, regain femininity and recognize our feminine power. Heal portal wounds, empower and release toxic bonds, and much more

Through women's circles or independent work.

Who is it for?

Aimed at high school teachers, gynecologists, psychologists, therapists, social workers, ovarian breathers, circle guides, doulas and midwives, and ANY woman who wishes to accompany other women in the self-knowledge of their menstrual cycle, its changes and its manifestations , as well as the physical, mental and spiritual medicine of this feminine gift.

What does Madretierra offer you?

_ It is a method, not an accumulation of information

- More than 20 years of empirical experience and work with cyclicality and female empowerment.

-I coined the phrase MENSTRUAL THERAPY, therefore the Madretierra Menstrual Therapy is the original.

-A network of women with support and presence in more than 10 countries, when you finish your continuous training supported by the network.

-Menstrualab.org, a foundation formed and constituted by Menstrual Therapists, in order to continue learning and sharing knowledge. Generating free instances for the reach of the entire community.

If you feel the call to train as a MENSTRUAL THERAPIST, all the information you need is here veronica@wisehumanitysummit.com

Creator and facilitator: Zulma Moreyra

Assistant and translator: Verónica Larraya


Creadora y facilitadora: Zulma Moreya

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